BTS Funny Videos

I like these type of videos the most. In this video, you will see BTS members performing the Whisper Challenge. In this challenge, each member has to use headphones on which the song will be played loudly. Because of the loud sound of the song, no member will be able to hear what the other member is saying.

First of all J-Hope reads something to Jin but Jin doesn’t understand it. Later, Jimin tells Suga the word roller coaster which Suga doesn’t understand. Suga makes up a word in his imagination and says it to J-Hope. J-Hope also doesn’t get this word and says some different word and hearing that, V, Jungkook and RM start laughing.

You too watch this whisper challenge and enjoy. I know you will like this video. Do tell us by commenting what you think about this challenge.

Do you want to see butts having fun in a hot air balloon? If yes then you will be able to see in this video. After seeing this funny videos one of their fan commented, “When you are talking about scareness then their will be most of jin oppa and hobi oppa . They are soooooo cute and adorable when they are scared every angles of BTS.”

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