Antica Pizza Fritta di zia Esterina Sorbillo

Antica Pizza Fritta Da Zia Esterina Sorbillo è uno di questi posti dove devi mangiare la pizza una volta. Se sei andato a visitare Napoli, allora vai sicuramente in questo posto e prova la famosa pizza lì.


Diete specialiPer vegetariani
CucineItaliana, Pizza, Mediterranea, Napoletana, Campana, Italiana (sud)
LocationPiazza Trieste E Trento 53 Via dei tribunali, 80100, Napoli Italia
PastiPranzo, Cena, Dopo mezzanotte
FunzionalitàDa asporto, Accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Serve alcolici
Contact+39 081 442 1364

If you talk about spectacular and traditional pizza fritta, then the name of the Sorbillo family comes up. The Sorbillo family is so famous for making pizza that everyone in Naples knows about them. Each of their pizza goes through an oil process, later it is dried with paper and wrapped with their branding and served to you.

The family has also opened two more premises dedicated entirely to pizza fritta. Its owner told that they use high-quality organic flour to make the pizza. In the menu, you will get the option of six ingredients, which you can select according to your wish.


In this restaurant, you get the option of alcohol with the facility of takeout. If you have any physical problem then you can use a wheelchair. A vegetarian diet option is also available here.

What do Customers Say?

1. Gloriuccia tried this pizza but had to wait for a while because of the crowd to buy the pizza. Sharing her experience, she wrote, “So hungry … so much queue …. but the wait has paid off for sure. Almost an hour between the queue to get the receipt and the queue to collect, but good and still good. Crunchy on the outside and soft and well stuffed inside, not at all greasy ….. we would have eaten three. Low price and great satisfaction. Absolutely to try!”

A customer tried Sorbillo’s famous pizza and after eating he asked other people to try it. He told that their restaurant has a list of different combinations on the front door so that you can try your favorite combination. It is recommended that you order traditional fried pizza instead of Ham Pizza, which tastes great and will be ready quickly. Sharing his experience, he wrote,” On the front door are written all the possible combinations for the filling of their famous fried pizza. In our case, we decided to order two fried pizzas stuffed with ham and one with ricotta and sausage. Both fried pizzas were not too greasy, a little crunchy and stuffed just enough without being too over the top. Between the two fillings, I recommend ordering the traditional fried pizza because it has a delicate taste and is less demanding to finish than the one with ham. The pizza is served in a handy slip of paper to take away and eat while walking. Perfect for a quick lunch on a budget. Eventually, there is also the possibility to sit outside the restaurant but the seats are limited, so we decided to enjoy our fantastic fried pizzas while we walked the SpaccaNapoli”

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