Queen of the Mask

Queen of the Mask is a South Korean drama that follows the story of four friends. One of them has to become a murderer 10 years back because of the lies of the rest of the friends. When they meet, the other three friends had become successful in life.

TitleQueen of the Mask
Revised romanizationGamyeonui Yeowang
Hangul가면의 여왕
CountrySouth Korea
GenresMystery, Drama, Thriller
NetworkChannel A
DirectorKang Ho-Joong

The series will premiere in the first half of 2023. There are 16 episodes of this series which you will be able to watch on Channel A. This series is directed by Kang Hoo-Joong. This series will be released in the Korean language.

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On January 5, it was officially announced that Oh Yoon-Ah, Kim Sun-A, Shin Eun-Jung, and Yoo-Sun have been selected to play the four friends in the series.

Go Yoo-NaOh Yoon-Ah
Do Jae-YiKim Sun-A
Joo Yoo-JungShin Eun-Jung
Yoon Hae-MiYoo-Sun
Choi Kang HooOh Ji Ho
Song Je HyeokLee Jung Jin

Oh Yoon-Ah has been selected to play the role of Go Yoo-Na who was accused of murder because of the lies of the other three friends. Because of this, she had to face bad times and she left the country and went to the USA. She has to go back to Korea to find her daughter and meet her friends who have become successful in their lives.

Oh Yoon-Ah
Oh Yoon-Ah

Do Jae-Yi is a lawyer who defends the weak. She is ambitious and has to work for the mayor of Tongjoo City. This character is played by Kim Sun-A.

Kim Sun-A
Kim Sun-A

Yoon Hae-mi is a woman who wants to have everything she desires. She works hard and becomes the Vice President of Mariana Hotel. This character is played by Yoo-Sun.

Yoo Sun

Shin Eun-Jung plays Joo Yoo-Jung, the chairman of an arts foundation.

Shin Eun-Jung
Shin Eun-Jung


Who are playing the main characters in the ‘Queen of the Mask’ series?

Ans. Oh Yoon-Ah, Kim Sun-A, Shin Eun-Jung, and Yoo-Sun

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